Marine and Scientific Research

Contracts and Experience

Florida State University

Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS)

Florida State University has designed a new instrument which can for the first time measure and monitor the ocean surface circulation within an inch of the surface where specific processes occur (the Stokes Drift). These important processes have never been measured, yet they are responsible for the movement of oil spills and other pollutants (plastic patches, river outflows, and radioactive leaks), the transport of fish eggs and larvae vital to fish life cycles, and the prediction of the movement of red tides to the coast. Existing drifters measure at least 50cm long/deep and are incapable of isolating the circulation at the ocean surface or the effect of the Stokes Drift.

The instrument we designed will help calibrate new numerical models including Stokes Drift parameterization and recently designed radars and satellites by providing a very new and unique sampling of ocean surface circulation.

Montague Marine Research

Aboard the Research Vessel (R/V) Montague

Montague Marine Research facilitates scientific research aboard the 58’ R/V Montague. Based out of Cordova in Prince William Sound, Alaska. The Montague is a seiner style research boat built for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. With a total capacity of 8 persons and equipped with a dry lab, 5000 lb. main boom, hydraulic longline/gillnet reel and port and starboard picking booms, the Montague serves as a very capable mobile marine lab throughout the central Gulf of Alaska.