Air Force Efforts

Air Force History

Our principals were involved with Fighter Engine Control System development prior to the establishment of Computer Servants.

Missile Systems

  • Conducted and authored a report for the Worst Case Analysis of timer electronics for deployed warhead releasing circuits

Raptor/F-22 F119 Engine Control System Integration

  • Develop interface test equipment to operate older prototype high current actuators using new low current SDD engine controls
  • Create test plans and design test cables for SIL lab testing of engine controls, hydraulic systems integration testing and engine testing at sea level and altitude conditions
  • Conduct testing of all control system components individually, together on a bench and on the F119 engine for Demo, Prototype and SDD/Production contracts
  • Designed and built portable test sets for cycling and testing aircraft engine nozzles. Test sets included 1553 communications and computers for 1553 bus controller simulation and signal monitoring/recording

Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)

  • Developed Demo phase systems specifications for the engine controls. Conducted module testing on engine software
  • Ran SIL lab integration testing of Full Authority Digital Electronic Controller (FADEC) engine controller using engine models and airframe simulators. Authored software verification test plans
  • Coordinated with DOD security to develop computer system security documents