Commercial Products History

Elevator Controllers – Local Elevator Company

  • Tasks included electrical circuit evaluation and fault isolation on an elevator controller. In an effort to troubleshoot a persistent communication bus failure our engineers identified possible faulty design practices and the most likely failure mode resulting in a quick, cost effective repair plan.
  • Electrical Technicians replaced failed components on a surface mount controller card. Component vendors were identified for hard to find bus controller chips.

Digital TV Converter Boxes – FCC/NTIA Contract

  • Computer Servants engineers were asked to support the FCC in the testing and evaluation of all coupon eligible Digital TV converter set-top boxes to be sold on the US market in 2007-2008. Tasks included the preparation of technical engineering reports comprised of test data, evaluations, analyses and conclusions. Recommendations, based on test results, were prepared, documented and delivered to senior Branch and Division managers within the FCC and NTIA.
  • Our engineers tested over 100 converter models to determine compliance with pertinent rules and regulations. Testing included the following: Decoding of all of the video formats contained in Table A3 of ATSC A/53E; Proper processing and display of ATSC A/65C (PSIP) data; Tuning of RF signal levels from -83 dBm to -5 dBm over TV channels 2 through 69; Other Tuner tests including Phase Noise, Co-Channel Rejection, First Adjacent Channel Rejection, Taboo Channel Rejection, Burst Noise, and Single Static Echo tests; Energy Standards, Input and Output, and V-Chip Functionality.

Mobile Surveillance System with GPRS Communication

  • Our Client is realizing a patent for a mobile surveillance system. Computer Servants engineers defined the requirements for the system, estimated prototype and manufacturing costs for the target product and plan to design a prototype of the final product.
  • A working demonstrator using PC based hardware and custom software was designed and tested. This cost effective tool will assist our client with marketing and refining characteristics of the clients final product prior to completing the final system design.