Programming Opportunities

Detailed Job Description for Tallahassee Florida Based Software Engineer listed below. Please contact: 850-562-3675 (Fax or Voice)


Software Engineer – Tallahassee, FL Contract or Permanent

All candidates must be a US citizen capable of obtaining a Security Clearance. The ideal candidate will be responsible for designing all the software and firmware for our Radio Controllers and Video Recording/Encoding. This Software engineer must be highly experienced in embedded microprocessor-chip CPU programming, programming human interfaces, preparing drivers for LCDs, analog and digital audio control devices, FPGAs and logic circuits for consumer electronic and military devices.


  • BSCS or BSEE required, MSCS or MSEE will be plus
  • 3+ years of experience
  • Extensive experience with embedded processors; ARM, PIC and must be able adapt to different processors
  • Extensive knowledge of serial communications; SPI, I2C, UART and USB
  • Highly experienced in C programming
  • Must have organized coding skills, use comments and modularize code
  • Must be able to fully understand and follow electrical schematics and PCB layouts
  • High experience in extensive use of lab equipment
  • Must possess strong technical and analytical skills
  • *Must have realtime / embedded / LINUX
  • *Must have device driver experience
  • *Must have integration experience
  • Fluent verbal and written communications skills


  • Responsible for preparing the user interfaces, device drivers and operating firmware for all electronic products being developed.
  • Responsible for picking processors, devices, suggesting logic circuits and drivers for displays, audio components, LEDs, remote controls etc.
  • Work closely with electrical, audio, RF and mechanical engineers as well as customers, external partners, and subcontractors.
  • Accountable for project deliverables
  • Responsible for designing to meet performance, safety, reliability, manufacturing, cost and schedule requirements
  • Develop analytical simulations and breadboard prototypes for proof of concept
  • Provide guidance to manufacturing
  • Experienced using realtime debuggers, software development environments (including Microsoft Visual C++/.NET),
  • Embedded software design, coding, test development and evaluation, and quality assurance
  • Electrical engineering knowledge and skills desired. Experienced using basic electronic test equipment (multimeters, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, etc.).

All qualified Software Engineers please contact: 850-562-3675 (Fax or Voice) Email